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Volume( 6) - Issue( 3) 2023 pp 295-304 DOI: 10.121/ijrphr/06.0301.590

Sulphur (Kanthakam) in Siddha Medicine: its toxicological, Medicinal and modern aspects


Sulphur (Kanthakam) in Siddha Medicine: its toxicological, Medicinal and modern aspects


Kanthakam so called Sulphur(S), more effective and unavoidable Padanam in Siddha Medicine, deferent types of Kanthakam uses for deferent purposes because of its peculiarity of general properties.  Naturally Sulphur possesses fire element, and hot potency thus many literatures mentioned as brimstone or burning stone. This review aims to explore the importance of Sulphur in the aspect of medicine and non-medicine, there for the siddha Literatures, text books, Paper articles, Traditional information, Publications, Journals and relevant web sides were followed and studied. The review revealed that, unpurified or irregular manifestation of medicine with Prolonged or over usage causes the toxic effect on human. The toxic effects are yellowish discoloration of the eye and skin, Pallor of face, blackish teeth, Bad breath (Halitosis), Dyspepsia, abdominal pain with distension and pimples etc. Even though Sulphur possesses the toxic effect the sulphur used to prepare the medicines with structured purification processes. The skin diseases, Chronic venereal disorders, Infectious diseases, respiratory diseases, eye diseases, Asities, poisonous bites and other poisonous conditions etc. were managed by siddha and modern medical preparations. in addition, specific antidotes also available for Sulphur toxicity in Siddha Medicine. further Sulphur dominates the industries because of Sulfuric acid, fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide, winemaking and food preservation. The review concluded as Siddhar statement the primary mineral of sulphur essential substance to maintain the healthy life with siddha medicinal preparation vs Pharmaceuticals and industrial. If siddha statements regarding sulphur undergone with reverse pharmacology it will be remarkable mile stone for the science.


Kanthakam, Sulphur, Literature, Siddha Medicine