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Review Article , : 2022 | Volume: 5 | Issue: 3 | Pages : 186-188

Therapeutic effectiveness of a siddha formulation karuppu Vishnu chakkara mathirai : A Review

Corresponding author: Anisha PS*,Manjari V,

Name : Anisha PS
Affliation :
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Siddha system is one among the ancient system of Indian medicine. Karuppu Vishnu chakkara mathirai (KVC) is the one of the Siddha Herbo mineral formulation documented in Clinical Siddha text Viramamunivar Vagada Thirattu.It consist of 24 ingredients  6 of them minerals others are herbals. It is used to treat  Ellavidha janni(Delirium),Anda vatham(Paralysis),Thimirvatham(Palsy),Ilampillaivatham(Infantileparalysis)    Parisavatham(Polio), Thanurvatham(Tetanus), peenisam(Sinusitis),  Vallipugal (Convulsion). Suram(Fever), Irumal(Cough), Gunmam (Gastric ulcer), Erigunmam (Gastritis), Kuttam ( a type of skin disorder comes under leprosy).These proves KVC  is effective to treat above mentioned disease. Ingredients  of the formulation  and their pharmacological action  of each ingredients in various research studies are discussed in this review. Most of the drug have Anti inflammatory ,Analegesic , Anti convulsant and Anticancer and Antioxidant property.


Karuppu Vishnu Chakkaram, ,Herbo mineral formulation, Siddha medicine, pharmacological action,