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Research article , : 2021 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 2 | Pages : 123-126

Biochemical Analysis of Siddha Monoherbal Drug Kadukkai Karpam

Corresponding author: Porkodi A*, Josephin Abisala M, Poongodi Kanthimathi AS,

Name : Porkodi A
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Siddha system is one of the ancient and spirituality enriched traditional medical system of India. Kaya karpam means (kayam-body, karpam-able competent to make our body competent and youthful. The kalpa medicines are those which prevent graying wrinkling of skin, aging, senile changes and other disease for promoting longevity with complete freedom from illness.Kaya karpam provides both mental and physical wellness. Among vadha diseases thandagavatham is the most common type of vadha diseases mentioned in yugivaithiyacinthamani which may correlate with lumbarspondylosis. The aim of the study was to evaluate the biochemical analysis of the trial drug Kadukkaikarpam and it indicates the presence of calcium, sulphate, chloride, starch, tannic acid, unsaturated compounds, reducing sugar, amino acid which revealed the effectiveness of therapeutic action in vadha diseases especially in thandagavatham (lumbarspondylosis


Thandagavatham,lumbarspondylosis, biochemical analysis, kaya karpam, kadukkaikarpam.