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Research article , : 2021 | Volume: 4 | Issue: 1 | Pages : 113-118

Thrombolytic activity of Gandhaga Karuppu - Invitro Study

Corresponding author: Samsul Nisha Fathima S*, Essakky Pandian G,

Name : Samsul Nisha Fathima S
Affliation :
Email :


BACKGROUND:      Cerebral Infarction is the major cause of Hemiplegia.  It occurs due to thrombosis and embolism.  Thrombolytic therapy also known as clot busting drug is used in the clinical area to treat Venous and Arterial thromboembolic  events.  Commonly used thrombolytics are Streptokinase, Urokinase, Tissue Plasminogen Activator to dissolve the clots.  Since thrombolytic agents are not in affordable cost, I have started to look for an alternate Medicine.  The present study is aimed to investigate the In vitro Thrombolytic activity of Gandhaga Karuppu in Healthy Human Blood Sample. OBJECTIVES:      To Evaluate the Thrombolytic activity of Herbo-mineral formulation of “Gandhaga Karuppu” MATERIALS AND METHODS:      The Ingredients used in the preparation of Nellikai Gandhagam (Sulphur), Chukku (Dried Ginger), Milagu (Black Pepper) and Thippili (Long Pepper).  The trial drug was prepared as per Siddha Literature, Kannusamy Parambarai Vaithiyam Pg.No.442.  The Thrombolytic activity of Gandhaga Karuppu was evaluated using Healthy Human Blood Sample. RESULT:      The in vitro study revealed that Gandhaga Karuppu showed 32.70% of Thrombolytic activity. CONCLUSION:       The Present study proposes that the test drug “Gandhaga Karuppu” has moderate thrombolytic activity.  Thus the formulation may be a source of effective herbo-mineral Siddha formulation


Thrombolytic activity, Thrombolytics, Gandhaga Karuppu.