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Research article , : 2020 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 4 | Pages : 92-94

A Polyherbal Siddha Formulation Mudakkaruththaan Ilakam – A Potential Food Supplement for Arthritis

Corresponding author: Hema RN*,Nalini Sofia H,Mohan S,

Name : Hema RN
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As per the siddha literature Aathma Ratchamirtham, the drug Mudakkaruththaan ilakam is used in treating vatha noigal. Mudakkaruththaan is also used in treatment of vettai, vellai, pungalmelerivu, mudakku, sori, vangu, vayitru vali, kanpugachal, megasoolai, marbukoothu, maradaippu, neerkuthu, andavatham, utkanthal and malakattu[1].  As per Gunapadam mooligai text book mudakkaruththaan is used in treating keel, sinaippu, kiranthi, karappan, kaalvadiyai patriya vali[2]. Ilakam are linctuses or confections and sweetened extracts, equivalent to confections, electuaries and conserves of the earlier Western Pharmacopoeias[3]. The term nutritional supplementation includes the use of vitamins, minerals and other food factors to support good health as well as preventing or treating illness. The key functions of nutrients like vitamins and minerals in the human body revolve around their role as essential components in enzymes and coenzymes. The key concept is to supply necessary support or nutrients to allow the enzymes in a particular tissue work at their optimum levels[4]. This review article deals with the nutritional supplements of Mudakkaruththaan Ilakam used in the treatment of vatha noigal (arthritis).


Mudakkaruththaan ilakam, nutritional supplements, arthritis,