A comprehensive Literature Analysis on Maruthuva Sothidaviyal (Medical Astrology)- a Siddha diagnostic tool

K.Karpagavalli*1, M.Srisakthi logisha**, M. Kowsigan***

* Residential Medical Officer, National Institute of Siddha, Tambaram, Chennai.

** Ph.D scholar, National Institute of Siddha, Tambaram, Chennai.

*** Private Siddha Practitioner, Vallalar Siddha Hospital, Kolathur, Chennai.


             Medical astrology is a science that demands knowledge of both Astrology and Medicine. It deals with the medical aspect of astrology. The Siddha medical - astrology is the combination of medical concepts inseparable with astrological influence over the health & disease of the individual. Astrology is the branch of siddha system of medicine, if medical astrology is co-ordinated with system of medicine, it will give us better results. Literature reviews gives a conceptual framework for starting a research or planning a project. Literature review says that what has already been done in the field and where the lack is and may help to explore new ideas related to the topic. So a wide literature analysis was planned on Maruthuva Sothidaviyal to explore the diagnostic tool in an elaborated way.

 In this paper, various point of thoughts of various siddhars about Maruthuva Sothidaviyal were discussed. This review of literatures on Maruthuva Sothidaviyal was done to explore the diagnostic tool in an elaborated way.   


Maruthuva Sothidaviyal, Medical Astrology, Siddha diagnostic tools, literature review, Pulippani.    


1          Introduction

         Medical astrology is a science that demands knowledge of both Astrology and Medicine. It deals with the medical aspect of astrology.

The Siddha medical - astrology is the combination of medical concepts inseparable with astrological influence over the health & disease of the individual. Astrology is the branch of siddha system of medicine, if medical astrology is co-ordinated with system of medicine, it will give us better results. The medical astrology technique uses astrology to determine potential weak spots in our natal chart. Medical Astrology deals with emotional psychological, mental and physical aspects diagnose and cured by normal methods by astrological study. It aims at generate positive personality, better understanding of emotional control and related behaviour problems in human beings. Birth Chart reveals the mental and emotional aspects, which gives a strong clue for diagnosis of most of the diseases.

It’s possible in astrology to diagnose a disease well before its actual appearance in human body. The Aim of the study is to describe about astrological importance in human life and prediction of diseases with the help of the siddhars astrological theory.

 An astrologer looks at the planetary positions and tries to understand a person's character or tries to predict the future and their diseases with the help of

·         Rasi or zodiac signs

·         Nakshathram or lunar mansion is one of the 27 divisions of the sky

·         Nine grahas (Navagrahas) or Nine Planets of astrology.

Analyzing the planetary combinations and placements in a natal or progressed chart, a medical astrologer can ascertain likely psychological or physical weaknesses that may be causing disease.

ஆளப்பா அப்புவியில் பிறந்தோர்க்கெல்லாம்

அவரவர்கள்ஜனித்த ஜாதகத்தை பார்த்து

நாளப்பாதிசை பார்த்து ஊணும் பார்த்து

நடந்திடுமக் காலத்தின் சித்திரமும் பார்த்து

கோளபாகிரகத்தின் நாடிக்கேற்ற

கொடுத்திடுவாய் பிணிமருந்து குறித்திட்டேனே

-புலிப்பாணி சோதிடம் 300 (1)

2           Literature review:

2.1           Raasi or zodiac signs:

·         Zodiac system is divided into 12 signs or Rasis. Each Raasi is called as a House or Bhavam

Figure 1: Raasi chart

a.       Characters of Houses:




First House

Self, Physical Body, Health, General Character, Fame, Appearance, Vitality, Success or Failures, Head

Second House

Wealth, Speech, Family, Education, Gold, Silver, Vision, Source Of Death, Face

Third House

Courage, Younger Brothers / Sisters, Communication, Short Travels, Ears, Neck 

Fourth House

Happiness, Mother, Vehicles, Friends, Education, Landed Property, Chest, Lungs

Fifth House

Intelligence, Wisdom, Children, Mantra, Spiritual Matters, Fine Arts, Love Affairs, Poetry, Music, Fame, Heart   

Sixth House

Diseases, Enemies, Debts, Obstacles, Worries, Accidents, Mental Afflictions, Service, Punishment, Maternal Uncle, Stomach

Seventh House

Wife, Husband, Marriage, Marital Happiness, Trade, Partners, Foreign Travels, Sexual Diseases, Urinary Organs, Kidneys

Eighth House

Longevity, Unearned Wealth, Dangers, Punishments, Fraud, Insults, Wounds, Private (Sexual) Parts

Ninth House

Dharma, Religion, Spiritual, Charity, Fortune, God, Luck, Foreign Journeys, Prosperity, Pilgrimages, Father, Thighs

Tenth House

Karma, Occupation, Name And Fame, Respect, Trade, Commerce, Status, Honour, Power And Authority, Knees

Eleventh House

Profits, Gains, Wealth, Elder Brothers / Sisters, Society, Legs

Twelfth House

Losses, Expenses, Foreign Travels, Bed Comforts, Loss Of Spouse, Moksha (Death), Foot

Table 1: Raasi House and its characters (1)

The sixth house is determined for diseases as per classical siddha literature “Pulippani Sothidam-3000”. The planet (Kiragam) and Star (Natchatram) of that sixth house which is placed as per the birth time of individual decides the type and severity of disease.

Mwhkplj;jpdJ gyd;whdg;gh

MAjj;jhy; uzQ;nrhy;Y QhjpJd;gk;

tPuhdAj;jnkhL jputpae\;lk;

kpFjpUlh;[ykle;ij tpidAQ;Nrhw;Tk;

$uhdnka;thij ngz;zhy;fz;lk;

$LNk ngUk;ghYk; NehAnkd;wp

Nguhd rpiwr;rhiy fpl;Lnkd;W

NgrpNdd; Gypg;ghzp gphpaj; NjhNl

-Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

2.1.1           Role of Raasi in diagnosing diseases:           Raasi and its associated body parts:

·         Mesham (Aries): Head and face, the eyes.

·         Rishabam (Taurus): The neck, ears, throat, larynx, tonsils.

·         Mithunam (Gemini): The arms, shoulders, muscles and bones in these, the lungs (including the trachea and bronchi), and the hands.

·         Kadagam (Cancer): Stomach, breasts, solar plexus, diaphragm, upper part of the liver.

·         Simmam (Leo): The heart, spine and spinal parts.

·         Kanni (Virgo): The intestines, alimentary canal, lower part of the liver.

·         Thulam (Libra): Kidneys, loins, appendix, lumbar vertebrae and the skin generally.

·         Viruchigam (Scorpio): The organs of reproduction, Gallbladder, colon and rectum.

·         Thanusu (Sagittarius): The hips, thighs and the sciatic nerves.

·         Magaram (Capricorn): The knees, joints of the body and the hair.

·         Kumbam (Aquarius): The lower leg (calves and ankles), the teeth and the circulation of the blood.

·         Meenam (Pisces): The feet and toes

Figure 2: Raasi with its associated body parts(1)

2.1.2           Lagnam:

·         Lagnam (Ascendant) is the first house in our horoscope.

·         Lagnam is the place which locates the planet (Kiragam) and star (Natchatram) of the birth time of the individual.

·         Lagna's Raasi and Nakshatra represents the Soul of the individual.

·         The house in which the moon is placed in a chart is considered as Raasi and the Nakshatiram or star constellation in which the moon is placed, is very important as they play a major role in judging the horoscope and the events of life.

·         The calculation of the Lagna is usually based on the time and place of birth when the child that the doctor has delivered begins to show signs of life (crying)

·         1 day is equal to 24 hours and the Lagna successfully completes a rotation around the 12 raasis within the 24 hours (an average of 2 hours for each raasii) which also means that the Lagna completes the 27 nakshatras and 108 nakshatra padas in a day.

·         Eg. If a person is born at the time of lagna in the raasi “simmam”, the simmam is considered as first house of that natal chart.

2.2           Planets (Kiragangal):

#hpad; (QhapW)


re;jpud; (jpq;fs;)


nrt;tha; (mq;fhufd;)




tpahod; (FU)


nts;sp (Rf;fpud;)








Table 2: Planets related to medical astrology (1)

                                                               i.      Role of Planets in Diagnosing Diseases:

·         From the lagna of that individual, the sixth house is considered as house of diseases, if the lagna raasi of an individual is Simmam, then the sixth house is magaram which is related to knee, then it is predicted as the person will be affected by knee related disease, but the severity of the disease, fatality of the disease, cure of the disease will be predicted by using planets in that particular house

·         If the 6th house is Virgo (Kanni), disease is of the stomach or bad digestive power on account of poor secretion of gastric juices or diarrhoea or dysentery.

·         6th house represents the house of diseases. Saturn or Raahu in this house, causes illnesses.

·         6th house denotes diseases, 8th house denotes long illness that may be fatal in character, whereas, 12th house indicates confinement in a hospital.

·         Venus in 6th is bad to cause venereal diseases, especially if it is afflicted by Saturn or Mars

·         Moon is a watery planet and if conjoined with fiery Mars, it may cause instability of mind

fpuf ehb

ghug;ghd;dnkhU tptuq;NfS

gfh;GjDq; FUrdpAk; thjehb

rPug;ghJh;f;fpufk; #hpNrAk;

rpwg;ghd ghk;GfSk; gpj;jehb

Neug;ghghy;kjpAq; Rq;fe;jhDk;

Neh;ikAs;s rpNyl;Lkj;jpd; fpufnkd;W

tPug;ghNghfUl flh\j;jhNy

tptunkyhk; Gypg;ghzp tpsk;gf;NfS

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

According to Pulippani,

·         Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are considered as planets related to vatham,

·         Sun, Mars, Raahu, Ketu   are considered as the planets of Pitham

·         Moon and Venus are considered as the planets of Kabam.

2.2.1           Diseases occurs due to the incurrence of planets:

#hpa jpir (Sun)

$ug;ghfjpUf;F tU\k; MW

FzKs;sGj;jpehs; E}j;njl;lhFk;

ghug;gh mf;fpdpahy; gPilAz;L..



$wpNdhk; utpjpirapy; re;jpuGj;jp


MwpNdhk; te;jgpzp jPUk;Nuhfk;

Mnkd;w utpjpirapy; uhFGj;jp.......

eykpy;yh tpahjpaJ gPbg;ghFk;...


Nfsg;gh utpjpirapy; Rf;fpuGj;jp

.....Mfhj #hpAld; #];jputhA.......

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Cause Diseases related to fire, fertility organs,

·          If the sun is related to moon buthi, then the diseases will be curable

·         If it is related to Raagu, disease will be chronic.

re;jpu jpir

nrhy;yNt re;jpujpir tU\k;gj;jpy;

RfKilare;jpu Gj;jp khjk;gj;J.........


......thjKld; fpue;jpgpj;jk; tha;TNuhfk;

...ghug;gh re;jpujpir uhF Gj;jp......

......tPug;ghtpahjpaJ gPbg;ghFk;....

NjwNt re;jpujpir tpahoGj;jp

tPuNt tpahjpaJ epth;j;jpahFk;......

ghug;gh re;jpujpir rdpad;Gj;jp

Nehpoahs; kuzkjhk; neQ;Rjdpy; Nehthk;......

..njhpe;Jepd;w re;jpujpir NfJGj;jp

...Gfo;nkj;j khh;gpy; rpygpzpAKz;lhk;

...tphpe;J nfhz;l tpahjpaJ tpoyha; gz;Zk;....

khNd Nfs; re;jpujpir #hpaGj;jp....

...jhgKs;s RuNjh\k; rd;dpNjh\k;

VNdjhd;fhZklh apWf;fkJTKz;lhk;.....

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Will Cause disease related to vatham, Pitham, Vaayu, Kiranthi

·         If related to Raagu, disease will be chronic

·         If related to Jupiter, disease will be curable

·         If related to Saturn or Ketu, disease related chest occurs

·         If related to sun, Fever or delirium may occur

nrt;tha; kfhjpir

Mnkd;wNra;jpir tU\k; Vopy;


jhnkd;w rj;JUthfp tpahjpaJ fhZk;

jdr;Nrjk;cly;Nrjk; jhNd cz;lhk;

gifahd Nra;jpir uhFGj;jp

...Jd;gq;fs; RuNjh\k; thjgPil

tifapy;yh rj;JUTk; mf;fpdpAKz;lhk;

fhzNt Nra;jpirapy; Gjdhh;Gj;jp


nghpjhd ePhpopTk; gpwq;NfL gz;Zk;

MFNk nrt;thapy; NfJGj;jp

....g+itaUk; Gj;jpuUk; tpahjpahFk;..

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Incurrence of Mars will also cause diseases.

·         If related to Raagu, Cause diseases like fever, vatham, Aggini

·         If related to Venus, will cause venereal diseases, Diabetes.

,uhF jpir

fhzNt uhFjpir tU\k; gjpndl;L....

....ngykhd NehaJTk; $bf;nfhy;Yk;...

....NjNu ePjputpaq;fs; NatYld;Nrjk;....

jPjhdfhhpaq;fs; Njfj;jpy; fhZk;......

...CdNt tpahjpaJ gPbg;ghFk;

cly;NfL te;jjdhy; fyf khNk.....

....NghFNk rj;JUthy; tpahjp fhZk;

...Msg;gh mf;fpdpAk; NrhugaKz;lhk;..

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Incurrence of Raagu, will cause fatal diseases or chronic diseases

tpaho jpir

jhndd;w tpaho jpir xUgj;jhW

jd;ikAldjpd; Gj;jp tU\k;uz;L

...tPug;ghtpahjpaJ $bf;nfhy;Yk;

.....Gz;zpNy mf;fpdpahw; tpahjp fhZk;

..thFNk tpahjpaJ gPbg;ghFk;

kidtpaUk; Gj;jpuUk; khz;L NghFk;

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Incurrence of Jupiter, will cause fatal diseases or chronic diseases.

·         Diseases related to aggini may also occurs.

rdp jpir

Nfsg;gh rdpjpirapd; khh;f;fq; NfS

nfhbahdtU\kJ gj;njhd;gjhFk;

jhnkd;w jiytypAk; fz; NuhfkhFk;

jg;ghJghz;LTld; jdg;nghUSQ; Nrjk;.....

....ehnkd;w nfh;g;gkJ ghohk;........

...Cndd;wRugPil ,uj;jNkUk;

cjpuj;jhy; #iyNeha; clNd fhZk;

khndd;wkidtpaUk; kf;fs; jhDk;

kaq;Ffpd;wNehtjpdhy; tUj;jq; fhNz..

tpz;lhd tpahjpAld; the;jp fhZk;

tpjkhd rhPukjpy; NkfNuhfKz;lhk;

Jz;lhd rhPukJ apUgpstha; NghFk;

Jd;gKs;seh sjdpy; rhthk;.....

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Relation of Saturn will cause diseases like Headache, Eye diseases, Anaemia, Infertility, Fever, Soolai, Vomiting, Venereal diseases.

Gjd; kfhjpir

mbapy;epd;w Gje;jpirjhd; tU\k;gjpNdO...

.....kzkpy;yh tpahjpaJ kbe;J nfhy;Yk;....


........................fpue;jpaJ Nehahk;.......

gykpy;yhgpzpfSld; kaf;fk;Nrjk;

...eykpy;yh tpahjpapdhy; ey;nghUSQ; Nrjk;....

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Relation of Mercury, Fatal diseases like Tuberculosis, Venereal diseases may occur.

NfJ kfhjpir

Mnkd;w NfJ jpir tU\k;NaO.

jhnkd;wrj;JUthy; tpahjpfhZk;

jdr;Nrjk; cly;Nrjk; jhNd cz;lhk;....

....Mfhjrj;JUthy; mf;fpdpAk;Nghk;....

Nrug;gh Nrhh;e;JNk $bf;nfhy;Yk;....

xd;whFk;cd;clk;gpy; gpzpAz;lhFk;...

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Ketu will cause diseases related to aggini

Rf;fpu kfh jpir

fhzNtRf;fpujpir tU\k;ehiye;J

fdkhdRf;fpudpy; Rf;fpud;Gj;jp.........

.......ed;ikapy;yhRugPil eha;fbfSz;lhk;........

vypf;fbAg; gPdprKk; ,isg;GKz;lhk;

thndd;w tapw;wpdpNy NehTz;lhFk;

tifahd Mrdj;jpy; fLg;GKz;lhk;

Nkug;ghNkfkjhy; NuhfKz;lhk;

Nknyyhk; rpuq;F Fl;lf; Mthd; ghNu...

-       Gypg;ghzp Nrhjplk; 300 (1)

·         Incurrence of Venus may cause diseases like Fever, Dog bites, Rat bite, Sinusitis, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Diseases related to gut, anal canal, Scabies.

2.3           Stars (Natchathiram):

1.   mRtpdp

2.   guzp

3.   fpUj;jpif

4.   Nuhfpzp

5.   kpUfrPhplk;

6.   jpUthjpiu

7.   Gdh;g+rk;

8.   g+rk;

9.   Mapy;ak;

10. kfk;

11. g+uk;

12. cj;jpuk;

13. m];jk;

14. rpj;jpiu

15. Rthjp

16. tprhfk;

17. mD\k;

18. Nfl;il

19. %yk;

20. g+uhlk;

21. cj;jpuhlk;

22. jpUNthzk;

23. mtpl;lk;

24. rjak;

25. g+ul;lhjp

26. cj;jpul;lhjp

27. Nutjp

These are 27 natchatrams or Stars related to medical astrology.

2.3.1           Natchathiram in association with diseases:

S. No.


Body Parts



Both Knees









Both Legs



Two Eyes


















Private Parts





Two Hands









Both Upper Limbs









Both Feet



Both Thighs





Two Ears






Both sides of Chin



Two sides of Body &Ankles





Both Armpit

·         Natchathiras also being responsible in occuurence of diseases (1).

2.3.2           Natchathiram and its planetary association:







































Table 3: Planets in association with natchathiram (1)

2.3.3           Natchathiram in association with Raasi:

Each Natchathirams have 4 pathams which lodges in raasis as 9 pathams in one raasi. Eg. In Mesham, all the pathams of natchatrams aswini, Barani and one patham from karthikai present totally accounting of 9.

Figure 3: Natchathiram And its paatham (1)

2.3.4           Thisai:

Thisai and Buthi Periods are planetary period reveals the planets ruling at particular time which indicate the good or bad effects period are produced according to their placement by Moon Sign (Raasi), House (Bhavam), Lagnam

Planets in order of their placement in each house (1):

·   Ketu 7 Years

·   Venus 20 Years

·   Sun 6 Years

·   Moon 10 Years

·   Mars 7 Years

·   Ragu 18 Years

·   Jupiter 16 Years

·   Saturn 19 Years

·   Mercury 17 Years

Each planet will be in each house for some particular years starting their cycle according to the birth time of the individual.

The good and bad effects were determined either

·                 By the position of these planets in particular houses,

·                 Co-planets related with the planet

·                 Raasi (House) Ehere the planet is residing

2.3.5           Buthi:

Each Thisai is also subdivided into planetary periods called Bhukti, which run in the same order as the Thisai, and with the same proportional length.

·     Ketu

·   Venus

·   Sun

·   Moon

·   Mars

·   Ragu

·   Jupiter

·   Saturn

·   Mercury

Each planet starts its buthi from self. i.e ketu starts from ketu, venus starts from venus and so on.

For example, the first bhukti of Ketu is Ketu/Ketu, the second is Ketu/Venus, the third Ketu/Sun and so on.

3           Other Measures followed in assessing diseases by Medical astrology (Maruthuva Sothidaviyal):

3.1           Panchabootha Thathuvam In Medical Astrology:

Figure 4: Raasi in association with panchabootham (1)

Each Raasi is associated with an element of universe (bootham), hence each raasi represents a bootham. Any illness associated with that particular raasi, will have effect on that particular bootham.

·         Illness related to Raasi’s associated with Mann (Earth) and Neer (Water) will cause diseases related to Kabam.

·         Illness related to Thee (Fire) will cause diseases related to Pitham

·         Illness related to Katru (Air), Aagayam (Space) will cause related to Vatham

Raagu and Ketu are the raasi’s associated with the bootham Space (Aagayam).

3.2           Male and Female Raasis in Medical astrology and its association with diseases:

Any illness in the Raasis related with male gender will cause known and fast spreading diseases.

Illness related to Female gender will cause silent yet aggressive diseases.

Figure 5: Male Female Raasis (1)

3.3           Saram, Sthiram and Ubayam Raasi:

Figure 6: Saram, Sthiram, Ubayam (1)

·         Diseases related to Sara raasis will cause fast spreading yet acute diseases.

·         Diseases related to Sthira raasis will cause slow spreading, aggressive and chronic diseases.

·         Diseases related to Ubaya Raasis will cause recurrent disease.

4           Conclusion:

Here this study ensured the applicability and reliability of using Medical astrology as siddha diagnostic approach. As this diagnostic method is cost-effective, reliable and quick, this may also preferred actively as most prompted diagnostic method.

This study has been conducted as review type of study. Furthermore Experimental studies should be carried out in validating this research in more efficient way.

5. Reference:

1.             Pulippani Jothidam 300. (S.Natarajan, 2015)